Why to Use a Staffing Agency for Discreet Hiring

Feb 1, 2018 | Staffing Firm

Staffing agencies have many benefits for businesses. Using an agency makes it faster and easier to hire new employees and fill tough positions. But one of the biggest benefits of using a staffing agency often isn’t mentioned: discretion. When you use a staffing agency like Neese Personnel, you can discreetly search for new or replacement employees without alerting – or alarming – your current staff.

Why Discretion Matters

There are many cases when you might want to be discreet in a job search. Perhaps you’re looking to replace a current employee who isn’t working out. Maybe you’re in a competitive industry and don’t want to advertise your needs. Or it could be you just don’t want to affect employee morale. In these cases, discretion is vital.


How Neese Personnel Can Help

When you work with our staffing agency to fill a position at your business, you choose how open or discreet you want your job search to be. You can choose your own level of involvement, and your level of openness.

Here are a few of the ways Neese Personnel can make your job postings more discreet:

  • Anonymous advertising: If you want to keep your business’s name off your job postings, our staffing agency can advertise your positions anonymously.
  • Pre-screened employees: Instead of poring over resumes and comparing CVs, you can let us pre-screen candidates so you only have to consider ones who meet your criteria. This lets you continue working as normal while the hiring process continues.
  • Off-site interview hosting: If you want to interview clients yourself, you can use our conference room instead of holding interviews in your own office for additional discretion.
  • Targeted acquisition: If you have very specific employee needs, we can help by reaching out to qualified workers directly, filling your position faster.


Other Tips for Hiring Discreetly

Along with working with Neese Personnel to make your employee search more discreet, there are a few other things you can do to keep your opening under wraps.


Don’t Tell Other Employees

You might think it’s OK to tell other people in your workplace that you’re planning to replace someone, but this is almost always a bad idea. Rumors travel fast, so if you want to control how the news gets out you shouldn’t tell anyone unless you need to.


Hire Temporary Employees First

One way to hire discreetly is to bring in your new hire as a temp, rather than a permanent addition. This will let them get up to speed faster without arousing as much suspicion. Then, when they are ready to take over, you can hire them on as full staff without any loss in productivity.


Have a Plan to Break the News

If you know that any firing or hiring is going to affect morale, you’ll need to make a plan to break the news to your staff. It’s important that you control the message and atmosphere around your announcement to avoid problems. Make sure you anticipate questions and concerns so you have answers planned out in advance.

The hiring process can be costly and time-consuming. That’s why many businesses choose to partner with Neese Personnel. As Oklahoma City’s top staffing firm, we’ve helped businesses around the OKC metro find employees and fill positions for nearly 50 years. Call us today at 405-942-8551 to see how we can help you find the right employees to fill your needs.