When Should You Hire Temporary Staff?

Sep 28, 2018 | Staffing Firm

One of the most common questions businesses ask us is, “How do we know if hiring a temporary employee is the right move?” If you’ve never hired temporary staff at your business before, it can be tough to know if you’re making the right call. Here are a few common situations you might find yourself in that temporary staff could help with.

Increased Seasonal Workload

No matter what line of work you’re in, chances are there is some measure of seasonality to your business. If you find that your current workforce is spread too thin, temporary staff members could be the answer. Hiring temporary employees can help reduce permanent staff overtime, ensure work is high-quality, and keep stress levels and burnout at a minimum.

One of the advantages of using temporary staff for seasonal work is that they can be trained and integrated quickly, since they are pre-screened for the skills and experience you need. You can use temporary employees to help “spread the load,” or you can let them handle simpler jobs and keep your seasoned employees free for experienced work needs.


Sudden Vacancies

What do you do when your business relies on a few experienced employees to function properly, and then one of them suddenly stops working with you? Medical problemscareer changesterminations, and other unpredictable life events can leave you in the lurch. This is where temporary staff can help.

A common misconception is that staffing agencies only provide entry-level employees such as paralegals and assistants. In truth, an experienced staffing agency like Neese Personnel has connections with workers at every skill level, from junior employees all the way up to senior management staff.

When you have an important need in your staff that you need to fill quickly, a temporary hire can be a great solution. Unlike the regular hiring process, temporary staff members with the right skills and experience can be found in a matter of days, not weeks or months. This allows your business to function as it should, and it can even buy you time to do a proper employee search for a full-time replacement. You might even find that your temporary hire is a great fit and choose to bring them on as a full employee.


Need for Certain Skills

If your business is project-focused or you work with clients in a variety of fields, you might find yourself in a situation where your current staff doesn’t have the skills or experience you need to complete a task. In this case you only have a few options: take time to train your current staff in the skills you need; give up the project; or hire someone who can help.

Unfortunately, each of these options has downsides. Training your current staff can take time, especially if you need an employee with an advanced or specialized skill set. Giving up the project entirely can impact your credibility and employee morale, not to mention your bottom line. And hiring a new employee can be a significant expense in terms of time, resources, and ramp-up costs.

This is where temporary hiring can help. If you run into a problem your current staff isn’t equipped to solve, a temporary employee can provide the skills and experience you need quickly. Then, when your project is over, you can feel comfortable letting the employee go – or keeping them on and taking more work in the same vein. This makes temporary staff a great way to make your business more flexible and responsive.


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