Each year, a report of the best companies in America to work for is released.  The list is compiled by conducting a survey of millions of employees across the nation to ask them about their work experience and what makes their job attractive to them.  It can be easy to dismiss these lists, as many readers may view them as irrelevant. After all, most business owners aren’t running multi-million dollar companies. However, what’s interesting about this list is that the size of the company and the salary aren’t in the employees’ reasons for staying with their companies; it’s about the culture.  Here are some tips for crafting an engaging office culture in your company.


One of the first things job seekers look at is the benefits.  Studies show that the benefits offered by a company are more important to prospective employees than the actual pay.  While the paycheck is an important consideration, the focus today is on how working for your company will benefit their livelihood outside of the workplace.  If the benefits are valuable, job seekers are more likely to apply for a job, even if the pay is lower than what they would like. If you don’t already, you may look into offering benefits such as bonuses, flex time, vacation, and mental health days.  Another key incentive is a benefits package that starts immediately or shortly after an employee is hired.

Culture and Community

The culture piece is a major one that should never be overlooked.  Take a moment to walk through your office and view everything through the eyes of a stranger.  Does your office look warm and inviting? How is the energy of your employees? Does it look like a place you’d want to work?  If the answer is no, determine what can be changed. Ask your employees what would make them happier. Be intentional and take your time; office culture doesn’t happen overnight.  It’s a process that requires open and honest communication between yourself and your staff. From the top 100 list mentioned earlier, here are some of the common themes:

  • Genuine care and concern from employers for their employees and customers.
  • Companies that care about and give back to their community.
  • Environments that encourage employees to follow their passions and build a career.
  • Companies that adhere to and exemplify their core values.

Feedback from Past and Current Employees

You can write the perfectly crafted job posting or company description, but anyone can write an enticing tag-line.  Unless you have the endorsement of others to back up your words, it won’t make much of a difference to job seekers. Just like you would attract potential clients by advertising client reviews of your services, you need to do the same for your job seekers.  Let them hear directly from your employees, both past and current, and see first-hand that your culture is alive and thriving.

Attract the Right People

You don’t have to be a millionaire to enhance your workplace culture.  It simply requires you to take the time to make intentional and meaningful changes in your company.  Not only will your current staff appreciate the changes you make, but new employees will be impressed with your efforts as well.  If you need help attracting qualified and hard-working candidates to your business, contact Neese Personnel. We work directly with business across Oklahoma to make sure the candidates you interview are fully vetted and a perfect fit for your team.  Give us a call at 405-942-8551 or send us an email to learn more about how we can help you.