As a business owner, keeping your employees responsive and invested can seem impossible sometimes.  It’s a difficult balancing act, but it is possible to achieve. One of the most influential factors in employee retention is engagement.  When your employees are actively engaged and passionate about their work, your business will thrive and your turnover rate will decrease. Read on for our advice on building and maintaining employee engagement, then contact Neese Personnel today to learn how we can help you succeed.

Ask Your Employees For Their Opinions

One of the best ways to determine what is working and what isn’t when it comes to employee relations is to ask the opinions of the employees that are most invested in the company.  Take some time to discuss with them what they view as the motivators and driving forces behind their performance. As a manager, there is always something you can learn from your employees, as they have a different perspective of things that they can provide you with.

Take the Time to Invest

Building employee loyalty and engagement doesn’t happen overnight.  It’s a hands-on, extensive process that will take time, but the end result will be worth the time and effort you are putting into it.  By taking time out of your day to connect and engage with your employees, you are showing them that you care about their well-being and believe they are worth your time.  This not only helps to build relationships with your employees, but also shows that you are approachable, allowing for a better flow of communication in the workplace.

Lead By Example

This one may seem like a no-brainer, but it is all too easy to get wrapped up in what needs to be done and view employee engagement as just another task to be completed.  However, this isn’t one that can simply be communicated to your employees. It is a group effort that starts with you. Whenever you come to work, be mindful of how you present yourself to your employees and of your attitude.  A key factor here is to do your best to not outwardly show the stresses or pressures you may feel some days. As the manager, you set the tone that the employees sense and look to for guidance. By being intentional about being present in the moment and invested in the well-being of your employees, they will recognize that and start to do the same for their coworkers and their customers.

Delegate Information and Tasks

Keeping your employees in the loop is a vital part of their engagement.  When assigning tasks and goals, be sure to share the reasoning behind them and why you are approaching a task the way that you are.  Sharing goals will let your employees know your expectations, but sharing the reasoning behind them does two things. First, it shows your employees that you are not simply handing down tasks, but that you are working alongside them to accomplish the company’s goals, and secondly, it shows that you value them by sharing the information and reasoning behind the goals in order to help them understand the “why” behind the task.  When your employees know the “why” in addition to the “what,” it gives them a clearer purpose and insight into the company and the goals they are working towards.

Hire the Right People

Of course, this entire process becomes much simpler when you are able to hire the individuals that are passionate about your company and the work that you do from the start.  Finding those people can be difficult, but that’s where Neese Personnel can help you.  We are a full-service staffing agency in OKC that has provided businesses with high-quality temporary, seasonal, and permanent staffing for over 40 years.  We take care of all of the screening and background checks for you, taking the search for talent off of your hands and ensuring the people sent to your interviews are some of the best talent OKC has to offer.  Contact us today at 405-942-8551 or visit us online to learn more about our services and how we can partner with you to help your company thrive.