Tips for Getting the Most out of a Recruiter

Jul 19, 2018 | Staffing Firm

When you work with a recruiter to fill your staffing needs, it’s a bit like starting a new relationship. And just like any relationship, you need to maintain it.  When your company puts in the effort to maintain a strong relationship with your recruiter, they will have a deep understanding of your goals and needs. That recruiter will take that extra step to help bring top-tier employees through your doors.

With more than  40 years of successful staffing under our belts, the recruiters at Neese Personnel know that a good recruiter will help you fill an opening, but a great recruiter will find you the best and brightest fit. There’s one top trick to getting that kind of commitment from your recruiter: Communication.


Explain Your Goals

Clearly express your company’s goals so your recruiter can connect you to workers who will be a good fit for your needs. The more information you can provide on what you’re looking for (or what you’re not), the better. For example, let them know if you’re willing to accept remote employees or if you need someone who can work flexible hours. Be sure to discuss your timeline with your recruiter so employment gaps can always stay covered.


Collaborate on Opportunities

Your recruiter is your partner, so working together will strengthen your opportunity for success. Be proactive; if you see someone on LinkedIn who would be a good fit for that opening in accounting, pass it on. Tell them about your ideal candidate and make sure they know where your company is willing to compromise. When you help your recruiter, you stay in the forefront of their minds. It will be easier for them to secure the best of the best when you’ve helped them understand what you need and where to find it.


Communicate Early and Often

Make it part of your Monday morning routine to call, email or message your recruiter. Frequent check-ins are a great way to communicate any changes in your company’s staffing or update your recruiter about ongoing needs. Be sure to ask if there is anything you could or should be doing on your end. In today’s global marketplace, business changes every day. Be sure to notify your recruiter about any restructuring, culture policies or organizational changes.


Be Upfront and Honest

Though it rarely happens, sometimes you might get a bad fit. Be honest with your recruiter about recruits that didn’t work out, and tell them why. Their job is to bring you the best possible fit, so if they miss the mark they need to know why. This prevents it from happening again. Address any major or minor concerns you think a potential employee could have before they come on board, so you can prevent any roadblocks that might stifle productivity.


Work with Oklahoma City’s Top Recruiter

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