Tips for Creating a Stand-Out Resume and Getting Noticed

Nov 6, 2017 | Careers

While there are many factors in getting a great job in Oklahoma, one thing is always important: your resume. Crafting a great resume is just as much art as science, and every person will approach the challenge their own way. However, there are a few things anyone can do to help their resume stand out from the crowd. Here are our tips for writing a highly effective resume that will get you noticed in your job search.

Keep it Simple

If you’re only going to follow one piece of advice in this guide, it should be this one: Keep your resume simple. Don’t worry about listing every aspect of your job, every award you’ve ever won, or what extracurricular activities you did in high school. Your resume should be a short, simple summary of your qualifications for a job, not a list of everything you’ve ever done. All you really need in most cases is a summary of your qualifications, your education and certifications, a short job history and your relevant skills and experience.


Keep it Focused

Along with keeping your resume simple, keep it focused on the job you’re applying for. Every job has its own requirements, so make sure your resume focuses on what’s relevant. Focus on the needs of the job and make the most relevant information stand out.


Make it Personal

Don’t just use generic words like “hardworking” or “team-focused” to describe your work history and accomplishments. Focus on what you actually did and what sets you apart. Include personal details and information specific to your experience. This will help build a connection with the recruiter or hiring manager and make it easier for you to stand out.


Focus on Achievements

Unless you have a highly unique or unusual job, chances are most of what you do is similar to what other people do. Instead of just listing your job duties and responsibilities, focus on your achievements. Look for things you did that earned you recognition, or that set you apart from your coworkers and competitors.


Focus on Important Details First

Hiring managers often have a huge stack of resumes to sort through for any given job. That means it’s vital for you to focus on the most relevant and important details up front. You should ensure that the most relevant details and qualifications are the first thing anyone sees so you have the best chance of getting noticed.


Remove Outdated or Irrelevant Info

Just like you need to emphasize the most relevant information, you should also remove any information or experience that is completely irrelevant to your application. For instance, consider just listing the position and dates for old or irrelevant job postings, and take off skills or certifications that aren’t relevant to the job you’re applying for.


Stay Away from Generic Templates

Resume templates make it easy to craft a good-looking document, but they’re not always the right choice. Templates often rely on a certain word processor or display setting, and opening the document with another program or printing it out can alter the formatting or cut out information. If you do use a template for your resume, ensure it looks the same everywhere by saving and sending it as a PDF file.


Make Sure Your Resume is Readable

One of the simplest mistakes people make is formatting their resumes poorly, such as by using tiny font sizes or thin margins. Keep your resume consistent – same font and spacing everywhere, for instance – and ensure it’s easy to read on different devices and when you print it on standard letter-sized paper.


Customize it for Each Job

As we said before, your resume is a short summary of what qualifies you for a certain job. Since no two jobs have the exact same requirements, your resume should always be tailored to each job’s specifics. It might take more time to customize your resume for each job, but it will pay off by netting you more interviews and callbacks.


Ensure Your Resume Matches Other Sources

Many people use LinkedIn, personal websites, and resumes posted on job boards or hiring forums to streamline the job search process. It’s vital that your information is consistent across all these sources. You never know where a recruiter or hiring manager will look for more detail about you, so make sure all your information lines up.


Don’t Lie

Finally, you should always be truthful on your resume and avoid embellishing and lying. Even if a falsified resume helps you get a job, it’s only going to get you in trouble later on.

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