The Benefits of Hiring Temporary Workers During the Holidays

Dec 5, 2017 | Staffing Firm

The holiday season is here, and that means increased demand and workload in many industries. Contrary to popular belief, retail businesses aren’t the only ones that can benefit from hiring temporary help during the holiday season. If you’re having trouble with your seasonal workload, see if working with Neese Personnel this holiday season might help.

Increased Capability and Flexibility

One of the major reasons for hiring temporary employees during the holidays is to improve your workforce’s capability to meet customer or client demand. Frequently hiring and firing employees to meet changes in demand can be bad for your staff morale, but hiring temporary workers lets you meet demand without commitment. This also allows you to keep your staff flexible, only filling the roles you need at the current time.


Fill In for Permanent Employees on Vacation

It’s natural to want to spend the holidays with your friends and family. Unfortunately, having multiple members of your staff going on vacation at the same time can negatively impact your efficiency and your bottom line. Temporary workers allow you to fill in gaps in your staff created by vacations or absences. Depending on your industry you can also use temporary workers to help lower the impact of employees taking sick days or missing work due to bad weather.


Save Money While Meeting Increased Demand

When you work with a staffing agency to hire temporary employees, you get all the benefits of a larger workforce at a low price. Staffing agencies absorb most of the costs of evaluating and hiring employees, making it simple to find temps with the skills and experience you need. Plus, temporary employees save you money in other ways, including reduced costs for benefits and only paying for employees when you need them, even just a few hours a week.


Evaluate Workers Without Commitment

Another major benefit of hiring temporary workers during the busy season is that you can easily evaluate them for potential permanent hires. Since the holiday season is often the busiest part of the year, watching how temporary employees handle the stress and workload can give you a good idea of how they would perform in a full-time role. At the same time, temporary employees that don’t meet your standards are much easier to let go than full-time hires.


Quickly Access Necessary Skills

If you have special needs during the holiday season, such as finalizing budgets for next year or evaluating annual commitments, hiring temporary workers can be a good way to access the skills you need on a part-time basis. Staffing agencies can help you find and hire temporary employees with the skills you need, even if they’re advanced qualifications.

Temporary workers can be a big benefit to your business during the holiday season. If you want to learn more about hiring temporary staff to improve your efficiency and meet your needs, call Neese Personnel today. We have more than 40 years of experience in helping Oklahoma businesses find and hire workers. Call (405) 942-8551 to learn more and start the hiring process today.