5 Team Building Activities Your Employees Actually Want to Do

There is a difference between a group of coworkers and a team. Coworkers are just that – workers who happen to have the same workplace. A team, however, is a cohesive group that collaborates and supports each other. When your employees work together as a team, the whole company is more productive and successful.

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Management Differences Between Temporary and Permanent Employees

Temporary employees are a boon for many businesses, but when it comes to management you might run into some challenges. Managing temporary employees requires a different approach than managing your permanent staff. Here are a few tips and guidelines to help you succeed with your temporary hires.

Jobs and Tasks Nee…

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Neese Personnel Nominated for OKC’s Best Staffing Agency

We’re proud to announce that we’ve again been nominated as Oklahoma City’s best staffing agency by the Journal Record in their Reader Rankings Survey! After winning this honor in 2017, we’re happy to once again be considered for this great honor. Now, we need your help in order to win!


At Neese…

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How to Assess Employee Performance Before You Hire

One of the biggest challenges of hiring new employees is assessing employees before you hire them. While you can often get an idea of an employee’s personality during an interview, it’s much harder to gauge how well they will perform on the job and how they’ll fit in on your team. One fix for this problem is a hi…

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