10 Ways To Stand Out As An Administrative Assistant

When you’re on the hunt for an administrative assistant position, most of your focus is on questions such as where do I want to work, what is the pay and work atmosphere like, will it advance my career, etc.  But once you have a job, a new challenge presents itself: how do you not only keep your current position, bu…

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Upcoming April Job Fairs in Oklahoma City

Just in time to celebrate the spring season, we are happy to announce we will be attending two job fairs in Oklahoma City this month!  Whether you have been on the hunt for a new job, know someone who is looking for employment, or simply want to move on to a better position at a new company, we welcome you to attend o…

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5 Qualities to Help You Stand Out to Employers

One of the hardest things about finding a job is standing out from the competition. When you work with Neese Personnel to find a new position, we can help you find a role that meets your goals, but you still need t…

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