How Using a Staffing Firm Can Save You Money

Jul 14, 2017 | Staffing Firm

There are many benefits to using a staffing agency to find new talent for your business. One of the biggest benefits, though, isn’t always obvious – using a staffing firm can often save your company money.

The Hidden Costs of the Hiring Process

It’s easy to forget that employees carry costs beyond their salary. Bringing new people into your company can be expensive in many ways, such as:

  • The cost of the employee’s salary
  • Payments for benefits such as insurance
  • The costs of training (including lost productivity from other team members)
  • Equipment costs
  • Opportunity costs – in other words, the cost of lost time spent doing research and interviews to hire a new employee in the first place

All of these costs and expenses quickly add up to make hiring an expensive prospect. Add to this the uncertainty that a new employee will even be a good fit and it’s easy to see why many businesses avoid hiring until it’s absolutely necessary.


How A Staffing Firm Helps Cut Costs

Hiring employees on your own costs a lot, but hiring through a staffing firm allows you to avoid most of the costs. Here are a few of the ways staffing firms help your company save money:


Staffing Firms Provide HR Services

For small businesses, it’s often not cost-effective to have full time HR staff. But when you don’t have a hiring manager on staff, who do you trust to hire new people? A staffing agency can be a great solution. Staffing firms allow you to speed up the hiring process and take the burden off your own staff, which saves you money.


Staffing Firms Bring You Qualified Candidates

Don’t have time to wade through a pile of resumes in search of the perfect new employee? You don’t have to. When you work with a staffing agency, you get the benefit of access to an established and extensive pool of candidates from the start. That means you don’t waste time finding the right candidate; instead you get access to as many as you need right away.


Staffing Firms Allow You to Avoid Overtime

When you’re feeling a crunch from a big project, you often have two choices: pay your current staff overtime to get the work done, or bring in new people to help alleviate the burden. But there’s also a third choice: use a firm to find qualified temporary employees fast. This allows you to put people to work where and when you need them without paying extra for when you don’t.


Staffing Firms Help You Save on Advertising

Posting advertisements and job listings isn’t cheap. But you don’t need to pay for those costs either – they’re all part of the service a staffing firm provides. Even if you’re looking for employees with specialized skills, you can find them faster and with less expense when you work with an agency instead of going out on your own.


The Right Solutions for Your Needs

At Neese Personnel, we provide businesses like yours with solid and adaptable staffing solutions:

Temporary Employees: Whether you’re filling a gap in your current staff or bringing in some extra help during the busy season, our temporary candidates can help. We ensure our employees are specially trained for your industry, so they come in with the skills and knowledge they need to do the work you need done.

Temp-to-Hire: Want to make sure your new employee is a great fit with your team before you commit? Temp-to-hire is a great way to “test drive” new staff before making them permanent team members.

Permanent Placements: Even if you’re looking for a permanent employee, we can help. Our HR team prescreens candidates to make sure their knowledge and experience meets your requirements.

No matter what you’re looking for in a new employee, we can help. Grow your business with Neese Personnel. Call 405-942-8551 today to speak with us, or learn more about the solutions we offer businesses and employees on our Facebook and Linkedin pages.