Are Social Network Profiles Making Resumes Obsolete?

Aug 9, 2017 | Careers

The job market is becoming increasingly dominated by social networking and job search sites like LinkedIn, Indeed, and others. You might be excused for thinking, then, that a profile on these websites is all you need to land a job. However, there is a big difference between a well-optimized social profile and a finely-tuned resume.

If you’re interested in landing a great job in Oklahoma City or beyond, you need to know what recruiters and employers are looking for both online and in person. Keep reading to get our tips and advice for making yourself the best candidate on every platform.


Why to Optimize Your Social Presence

Social media is an increasingly big part of the hiring process. More than 85% of employers say they use social media for recruiting and vetting candidates, and most job seekers also use social sites to search for jobs and network with other people in their fields.

This all means it’s very important to have an attractive and representative social profile for recruiters to see. However, you can’t think of your social profiles as a replacement for your resume. Instead, it helps to think of them as an expansion for your resume – a place for you to show examples of your skills and experience that might not fit on a traditional resume.

There are a few other advantages to social media profiles that traditional resumes don’t offer:

  • A Blend of Personal & Professional – Social media profiles are interactive, and can give you an opportunity to show more of your personality and individuality than a paper resume can.
  • Simpler Networking – Social profiles are, as their name describes, social. Unlike a resume, having a strong social media presence allows you to network with other people in your field and make connections with employers even when you aren’t looking for a job actively.
  • Visibility – One of the biggest advantages of social media profiles is they are easy to find and immediately visible to anyone who searches for you. In contrast, a resume only goes out to people you send it to. This can make it possible for recruiters to send you new opportunities even when you aren’t actively job searching.

Why to Use Traditional Resumes

Though social profiles do have many advantages for job seekers, they also can have some drawbacks. For instance, it can be easy to “overshare” on social media, or to post content that employers might find disagreeable.

However, with a resume, you are in complete control over your self-presentation. There is a lot of skill that goes into crafting a great resume, but there’s also a lot of payoff to doing it well. A great resume presents your skills and accomplishments exactly as you want them, ensuring you send the message you want.

Traditional resumes have a few other benefits as well:

  • Customization Per Job – One of the biggest benefits of having a strong resume is that you can customize it based on the position you are applying to. For instance, you can emphasize certain skills and positions or customize your objective statement based on your needs.
  • More Focus – Unlike a social profile, which tends to grow over time, resumes are condensed and focused on your skills and experience. There is nothing irrelevant on a resume, so it’s easy for employers to see if you’re a good match for their open position.
  • Required by the Employer – It’s good to have a resume to send simply because most employers still expect or require them. If you direct all of your potential employers to a social profile or website, some might disqualify you just because it’s not what they expected or asked for.


Make the Most of Your Job Search

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