5 Tricks to Climbing the Career Ladder…Fast!

Nov 18, 2016 | Careers

Are you ready for new career challenges? Perhaps it’s time to take on more responsibility. There are many reasons to climb the career ladder:

  • Higher pay
  • Role as a decision maker
  • Opportunities to improve workflow
  • More meaningful work
  • Better benefits

If one or all of these reasons resonates with you, check out these five ways to help you accelerate your advancement.


Earn certifications and degrees

Many organizations require additional training, degrees or certifications before promoting current employees into leadership positions and management roles. Talk with your HR representative and find out the additional education requirements you will need so you can be considered when the next advancement opportunity arises. Many accountants benefit from earning their CPA licenses; administrative professionals can get a boost when they get certified in a specific type of software or technology; and legal assistants increase their value when they work toward a paralegal degree.


Improve effective communication skills

Effective communication is the foundation of success – both professionally and personally. Think about it – your friendships and relationships are strengthened by good communication, so why wouldn’t your career be, as well? Enhance your communication skills and you become an employee who is seen as an asset to the company. You can play a more substantial role in the decision-making process. This will diversify the experience on your resume and establish you as a trustworthy team member to your co-workers. That kind of experience and influence can open doors to management roles.


Expand your professional network

In order to move into management, you may need to change departments, areas or even companies. Maintaining your professional connections can help you stay informed when another organization or department has a managerial position open up. You can even partner with a staffing firm to help you find a position and a place that are the perfect fit.


Set small production goals and achieve them

What will it take to be a strong leader in your firm? What skills and qualities do you need to show the hiring managers that you have what it takes to be a leader? Creating project milestones and setting professional goals that help you develop these abilities will not only build your skill set, they will also get attention. Decide what it takes to launch your career and then break that goal up into manageable steps that you can achieve. This will help you prove your worth come promotion time.


Go one-on-one with key partners

If the decision-makers don’t know your value, how will your name come up for a promotion? Attend company events, sit in on meetings, hand-deliver files and start discussions with senior managers and partner positions. Show that you can hold your own at their level and you could top the list of candidates for the next open position.

After you’ve been working in your industry for 3-5 years, you might feel it’s the right time to move up in your career. At Terry Neese Personnel, we have 40 years of experience finding job seekers just like you incredible advancement opportunities. Moving into management won’t just change your profession; it will change your life. Call us at 405.942.8551 and we can connect you with some of the industry’s best employers.