5 Qualities to Help You Stand Out to Employers

Dec 28, 2018 | Careers

One of the hardest things about finding a job is standing out from the competition. When you work with Neese Personnel to find a new position, we can help you find a role that meets your goals, but you still need to make a great impression to land the job. These five qualities can help you make a great impression on decision-makers in the hiring process. If you embody them, you’ll be sure to stand out from the competition.

1. You Can Teach Yourself New Skills

One thing that’s constant about business is that it’s never constant. Things are always changing, and employees need to be able to respond by evolving with their jobs. You need to be able to teach yourself new skills and technologies as needed and often without firm guidance from the people around you. This is especially true when you’re working with technology, where new tools and systems can drastically change the way you work. You can demonstrate your ability to teach yourself by highlighting projects or tasks where you learned on the job and used that knowledge to succeed.


2. You Can Communicate Well

Along with technical skills, great employees also have great social skills. Employers want to hire people who work well in a team and can communicate with clients or customers when needed. This is especially true if you’re looking for a more senior role. Make sure you’re able to demonstrate that you can communicate, act as a leader, and work well on a team.


3. You Are Passionate

Skills aren’t the only thing that matters to an employer. You also need to have passion for the job. A passionate employee will work hard and motivate others, while a dispassionate employee will bring people down. You can show that you’re passionate about a job by learning about the company, including their mission and values, and then using that knowledge to inform your answers in your job interview.


4. You Are a Culture Fit

One of the hardest aspects of hiring is sensing whether an employee would be a good “fit” for the workplace culture. Many employers try to get a feel for your behavior and values in an interview by asking questions about your motivation, personal values, and reactions to different situations. The trick to answering these questions is to be honest and to be yourself. If you try to “fudge” answers to make yourself seem like a better candidate, you might come across as dishonest or overly eager. You might also get the job and then realize it doesn’t align with your own values. It’s best to be honest and try to find a job where you’ll truly be happy.


5. You Want to Help the Company Succeed

Most of all, employers want to hire people who are invested and who will make contributions to their company for the long term. This could be through advancing to senior positions or by bringing diverse skill sets and knowledge to the table. One way to show employers that you’re preparing for the future and thinking about the in-demand skills you may need is by taking online courses. Including certificates or credentials earned through online education on your resume or LinkedIn profile displays your passion, agility, and commitment to learning. Want to improve your chances of getting the perfect job in Oklahoma City? Neese Personnel can help. Learn more about current openings today on our Job Opportunities page, or give us a call at 405-942-8551. You can also visit us on LinkdedIn or Facebook for updates and tips to improve your job search today!