Running a business can often seem like a hectic and chaotic job.  There are deadlines to always be aware of, time-sensitive materials that have to be sent out and filed, client outreach to maintain; the list goes on.  While many businesses are used to this lifestyle, others can feel like they’re drowning in work. For these situations, you may want to consider hiring an office assistant.  While that will mean budgeting for the hiring process, the benefits of having an assistant far outweigh the costs. In today’s post, we take a look at the 4 main reasons behind hiring an assistant and how Neese Personnel can assist you in this process.

Reduce the Overall Workload

The first and most obvious benefit of having an assistant is having an extra member on your team.  While the first week or two will be spent training them, it does provide you with several long-term benefits, primarily freeing time for sales people to sell, innovators to innovate and business owners to focus on growing their businesses..  In fast-paced environments, and low unemployment markets, work/life balance is more important than ever when it comes to employee retention. Hiring additional people to assist your staff sends a positive message to your team that you’re aware of the workload and are actively supporting them.  Another benefit is that as your company grows, so will your staff. If your assistant is passionate about the job and the work you do, consider them as a trainer or administrator for future assistants. Investing time and money in the right people is one of the wisest decisions you can make for your business.

Additional Client Interaction

Another consideration for hiring an assistant is the impact that will make on your client interactions.  When clients call and you’re unavailable, they no longer get a voicemail message, but a person that they can rely on to convey the message to you.  This simple shift can make a significant impact in your customer service and how clients view your company. Dovetailing off of our previous point, a reduced workload presents another client interaction opportunity.  If you don’t do this already, consider meeting with some of your clients at their offices, rather than having them come to you. This demonstrates that you care about not only their business, but their time as well by taking time out of your day to accommodate their schedules.

Remove Yourself from Busywork

As a business owner, you’re paid to do salary level work, not hourly work.  While this doesn’t mean that hourly work is lowly or beneath you, it does mean that your clients expect you to always have an eye on the big picture.  An assistant can help you meet this expectation by removing some of the more remedial work that prevents you from focusing on what’s most important: your business and your clients.  Having an assistant frees you up to take on projects you may have been putting off, catch up on client communication that has fallen through the cracks, and strategize for the future of your company.

Fresh Perspectives

The final benefit of having an assistant that we want to touch on is the outside perspective a new hire brings to your team.  Any successful business owner will tell you diversity amongst your staff is key to being flexible and adapting your processes to the changing times.  A fresh set of eyes on your team can point out things that you may not have noticed or been unaware of, allowing you to consider new ideas on how to streamline your processes and improve your productivity.  While having assistance with your workload is a great benefit, the greatest one is having a team that makes the most of your resources and is continuously working to improve their processes.

Finding the Right Person

Of course, none of these benefits will ever materialize if you don’t find the right person to join your team or have the time to sift through resumes, set up interviews, and perform the rigorous pre-screenings needed for your industry.  If these are the obstacles you are currently facing, reach out to Neese Personnel.  Since 1975, we have been proud to be Oklahoma City’s premier staffing firm.  We handle the screening and application process for you, ensuring that the time you set aside for interviews is filled with meeting the most qualified applicants your area has to offer.  To learn more about how we can assist you in growing and improving your business, call us today at 405-942-8551 or send us an email today!