3 Easy Ways to Carry that Friday Feeling into Monday Morning

Jun 30, 2016 | Uncategorized

Happy employees create a workforce that produces. Period. If one thing about this blog lodges firmly in your mind it’s this (if you want an increase in the quality of your employees’ work, you’ve got to focus on job satisfaction. Even employees who feel they have the best jobs get tired and stress) they all look forward to Friday. Making every day feel like a Friday is an effective tactic for improving morale, increasing productivity, boosting customer service and promoting teamwork. Any one of these results will positively impact your bottom line, so why not have them all?

You don’t have to break the rules to make your workplace feel like every day is Friday. Balancing fun and business can strengthen retention and attract new employees. Here are a few low-budget ways to lighten the mood.


Sports can reduce stress and tension

Stress relieving activities, such as placing a basketball hoop in the parking lot, can help employees shake off tension during lunch or after work. Team sports are also a great way to build teamwork, so consider signing your company up for a community league, like softball, dodge ball or even bowling. In the name of fairness, be sure to spend plenty of time promoting the opportunity and allow everyone to sign up.


Keep the excitement going

Fridays are exciting because the weekend holds so much promise. Everyone is doing something different, and they want to share their activities with others. Consider providing Monday morning catered breakfast meetings, so people can gather around food and chat about the weekend’s events. Give your staff 15 to 30 minutes before the actual meeting starts so they can catch up before switching into work mode.


Casual Monday, Friday (maybe every day?)

Offices are known for implementing casual Fridays to boost morale, but why not make it Monday, too? If your employees are meeting with a big client, then business attire should be required, but if they’re not, perhaps a low-key dress day will make Monday less dreary. Remember, casual doesn’t mean cut-offs. Be sure you are clear with what kinds of clothes are appropriate for a causal Monday. A nice jacket and collared shirt paired with a trim pair of jeans can sometimes actually looked nicer than a button up and khakis.

For many job seekers, it’s not all about the paycheck – they want to work for a company with a vibrant company culture. If you want the highest-quality workers putting out their best work, you have to make work a place they don’t just have to be – they want to be. Their collective happiness will be the best boost in productivity you could ever afford.

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