The Benefits of Hiring Temporary Workers During the Holidays

The holiday season is here, and that means increased demand and workload in many industries. Contrary to popular belief, retail businesses aren’t the only ones that can benefit from hiring temporary help during the holiday season. If you’re having trouble with your seasonal workload, see if working with Neese Perso…

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Tips for Creating a Stand-Out Resume and Getting Noticed

While there are many factors in getting a great job in Oklahoma, one thing is always important: your resume. Crafting a great resume is just as much art as science, and every person will approach the challenge their own way. However, there are a few things anyone can do to help their resume stand out from the crowd. He…

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Why You Should Hire for Personality Instead of Experience

When you’re interviewing new candidates, one of the toughest things to anticipate is how that new hire will work out as part of your business. It’s impossible to predict a candidate’s future or to anticipate how they will fit in.

However, you can give yourself an edge when hiring by focusing not just on experi…

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Stay Ahead of the Curve: How to Recruit and Hire Millennials

Much has been written about the “millennial” generation and how they are very different than workers from older generations. Many business owners – especially older ones – have a hard time hiring and working with millennials due to the differences in experience, expectations and work style. However, millennials are…

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